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Happy Dog Hiking in Los Angeles
Happy Dog Hiking in Los Angeles

Our Story...

We love the Dogs of Los Angeles!


Los Angeles is one of the dog friendliest cities in the country and busy Angelians have long relied on their friendly dog walker. We are proud to be part of history since 2003. At that time, I was living in an apartment and decided that I wanted a Great Dane. When he was a puppy, he had a giant mouth and a ton of energy.


I quickly learned that I needed to exercise him to avoid the apartment from being chewed to the ground. Gratefully the Santa Monica Mountains were in my backyard. People quickly became familiar with my giant blue Great Dane, Sampson, and asked if I could include their dog on the hike. Being an animal lover, was a pleasure. As more dogs loaded up in the Jeep, I realized I needed a larger van to accommodate the herd of Great Danes to the hill. 4 minivan’s later, the rest has been history.

We now accommodate not only giant breeds, we also have plenty of small dogs in the pack. Hiking has morphed into boarding dogs, house sitting, individual walks and pet photography. Basically your complete dog concierge. We are dependable, licensed, bonded and insured. We pride ourselves to treat the dogs with the same care, love and attention as from their owners. We take the time to learn the personalities and aim to have a happy and tired dog when they return home.

"Today, we have a terrific reputation in the dog care business. We have stayed true to our family-style care while hiking or boarding. It is not important to us to be the biggest dog walking service or the fanciest, rather, we take pride in offering reliable, trustworthy and confidential care for your dogs."

Happy Dog Hiking

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